The Crooked Tree (painting) by Kathryn Edwards

The Crooked Tree

The Crooked Tree

When I had the opportunity to ask Nora Bateson how she would visually depict the new word she created, Symmathesy, she said it would be a crooked tree. Nature shows us many wonders that we can learn from. A crooked tree is an example of a deeper question. How did any tree become crooked when others surrounding it have not? We are not accustomed to thinking in terms of the deeper more complex inter-relational aspects of what we see and how we experience our reality and more importantly how we are learning from one another as happens in nature.

Symmathesy: the process of contextual mutual learning through interaction.

The Crooked Tree (2019)
Original Acrylic
Hand signed
22 x 28 ins
55.88 x 71.12 cms
(Various size prints available)
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